swivel arms typ ACC

technical information

3.100 mm 1-wing, 6.150 mm 2-wing (strips overlap 50 mm)
construction height:

up to 2.500 mm standard (depends on curtain)

strips ground clearance:
0 mm - 600 mm (free to choose)
curtain typ:
welding protections strips SRM (red-brown matt), SGM (dark-green matt), SRT (red-brown transparent) tested and approved according to EN ISO 25980, surface matt or smooth on both sides, with rounded edges, cadmium and silicone free, strips overlap: 50 mm, partial overlap (33%), strips dimensions: 300 x 2 mm or 300 x 3 mm
pivoting range: 2 x 90° with locking in middle position
telescopable to 1,340 mm (see illustration)
with height adjustment for horizontal alignment
easy handling (encapsulated bearing)
attachment to support type AS 105 possible or available with wall mounting or adapter plate




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