ergonomic workplace mats for welding areas

  • Suitable for use at welding and grinding workstations
  • Heat resistance to short-term flying sparks and welding beads
  • Material elasticity has been proven to have a relieving effect on joints and spine (anti-fatigue effect)
  • Customer-specific cut-outs possible
  • High dead weight prevents slipping of the workplace mats for loose laying
  • Puzzle connecting system enables the form-fit connection of several mats
  • Reduced risk of tripping due to bevelled edges/anti-slip reduces the risk of falling
  • Heat insulating
  • Serves additionally as protection for tools or components in case of falling or tipping over
  • Easy cleaning of the mats with standard cleaning agents or methods
  • Due to the high-quality material ion
  • Nearly odourless
technical information
Top page hemispheres, diamond profile or flat structure
Subpage damping hemispheres
Outer edges 20° bevelled
Length/ width/ thickness 1350 x 1000 x 20 mm*
Weight 19,5 ± 1 kg
Hardness 55 ± 4 Shore A
Temperature resistance -35°C - + 95°C
Material SBR (new rubber compound)
Colour black
Fire protection class  Bfl-s1** (≙B1)
*    Tolerance according to DIN ISO 3302-1M4
** According to EN 13501 (resistance to flying sparks and welding beads)

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