welding protection curtains with side shift

technical description

  • Individual construction widths and heights (depending on requirements and the layout of the welding booths)
  • Optionally with locking or parking brake
  • Easy fastening on support type FS/62, AS/64 or AS/105
  • Spans of up to 3,000 mm are possible without additional supporting structure. Spans up to 6,000 mm possible with support structure.
  • Curtains: Welding protection strips SRT (red-brown transparent), SRM (red-brown matt) or SGM (dark green matt) tested and approved according to EN ISO 25980, surface smooth or matt, with rounded edges, free of cadmium and silicone
  • Running gear: steel rollers Ø 38 mm, ball bearing mounted and oil and dust proof encapsulated
  • Running rail: Height 50 mm, width: 40 mm with backsplash and end stop
  • Rail support with height adjustment for horizontal alignment
  • Hinge shaft with metal pendulum shells for fixing the slats as well as spacer bushes for securing the geometric position of the slats
  • Assemblies completely pre-assembled for installation 
  • All steel parts galvanized or powder-coated
  • Can be combined with fixed welding curtains or with noise barriers

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