swivel arms with welding curtains

Safe separation of welding workstations with maximum flexibility.
Free access to separated areas (no disturbing crossbars or beams!)
Welding booths can be loaded and unloaded with crane systems and forklifts.
Can be combined with other components of the clear-flex® construction kit system (noise barriers, stationary welding protection walls, movable welding curtains).

Curtain typ free to choose (see parameter swivel arm types)
Available with suitable supporting structure (support) or can be fastening on suitable structures/walls.

We would be pleased to advise you which swivel arms and which curtain are best suited for your application.

swivel arms typ AC

pivotable + telescopable

swivel arms typ ACC

pivotable + double telescopable

swivel arms typ A


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pivoting system for welding curtains, swivel arms for Welding curtains