mobile noise protection walls


  • deal for use as welding separation, grinding separation or separation of workplaces with high noise emission.  
  • It is possible to react flexibly to changing work processes and component sizes.
  • Optionally with swivel arms (800 or 1050 mm) with welding curtains or transparent curtains, depending on the application. Low swivel resistance due to bearing with slide guide bushes. 
  • Easy combination of several mobile walls for flexible cabins or can be combined with stationary noise barriers.
  • High driving comfort, quiet running, low rolling and swivel resistance due to high-quality rollers. 
  • Simple and quick installation, as the assemblies are pre-assembled.
technical information
construction height: 2.390 mm
2.100 - 4.700 mm
ground clearance:
middle part: 35 mm, swivel arms: 0 mm - 600 mm (free to choose)
noise protection wall: optional: 
  • one-sided absorbing (Sound absorption coefficient ∝w = 0.85, absorber class B)
  • absorbent on both sides (Sound absorption coefficient ∝ w = 0.60, absorber class C)
Wall thickness 60 mm, coated in RAL 9002, bordered by 4-sided edging
curtain with swivel arms:
welding protections strips SRM (red-brown matt), SGM (dark-green matt), SRT (red-brown transparent) tested and approved according to EN ISO 25980, soft-pvc light-transparent, surface matt or smooth on both sides, with rounded edges, cadmium and silicone free, strips overlap: 50 mm, partial overlap (33%), strips dimensions: 300 x 2 mm or 300 x 3 mm
galvanised version, 4 swivel (2 with brakes)


construction height: 2.390 mm
curtain typ: optinal SRM (red-brown matt), SGM (dark-green matt), SRT (red-brown transparent) or light-transparent
thickness of the strips: optional 2 mm or 3 mm
ground clearance: middle part: 35 mm, swivel arms: 0 mm - 600 mm (free to choose)
without swivel arms
with swivel arms 800 mm
with swivel arms 1.050 mm
Typ  wide Typ wide Typ  wide
LF 21 2.100 mm LFA 21/37 3.700 mm LFA 21/42 4.200 mm
LF 26 2.600 mm LFA 26/42 4.200 mm LFA 26/47 4.700 mm

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