welding protection strips (soft-pvc)


  • welding protection strips for welding curtains/welding cut-offs
  • enables a flexible and safe separation of welding workstations
  • harmful radiation is reliably absorbed (UV and infrared absorbing)
  • protection against splashes and flying sparks
  • flexible soft PVC with good mechanical properties
  • high tear and wear resistance
  • available in 3 version:
    • SRT (red-brown transparent)
    • SRM (red-brown matt)
    • SGM (dark-green matt)
  • transparent version gives insight into the welding area (safety aspect)
    matt surface reduces the reflection of the arc inside the welding booth
    designs can be combined with each other.
  • available:
    • as roll goods (á 50 m)
    • cuted to individual desired size and provided with a suitable hole pattern (mounting with pendulum shells on round tube)
    • with complete mounting system (swivel arms, side shifts, fixed, mobile)   

technical information

  • tested and approved according to EN ISO 25980
  • with rounded edges
  • cadmium and silicone free
  • smooth or matt surfaces
  • width of strips: 300 mm, plates and blanks up to 2000 mm                  
  • thickness of lamellas: 2 or 3 mm           
  • weight of strips: 2 mm: 0.8 kg/m, 3 mm: 1.2 kg/m

SRT (red-brown transparent)

SRT (red-brown transparent)

SRT (red-brown transparent) combined with SRM (red-brown matt)

SRM (red-brown matt)

SRM (red-brown matt)

SGM (dark-green matt)

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